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Vapor Mitigation Systems of Lansing Michigan

Make your Lansing MI building safe by installing a vapor mitigation system. Underground contaminants in the soil underneath your home or office building can cause serious health problems for occupants. Although some vapor intrusion problems naturally develop, many of them occur because of past hazardous material spills on or near the location of your Lansing Michigan building. Although many localities have established brownfields, dangerous chemicals and substances seep into the soil, under existing residential and commercial buildings.

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As vapors rise out of the soil, they enter your structure, usually undetected, and pollute the air. Vapor intrusion can occur in any building, including retail stores, industrial facilities, factory buildings and warehouse locations in Lansing MI. Whether in a commercial or residential environment, the mitigation of harmful vapors concerns occupants and owners. A vapor intrusion mitigation company such as SWAT Environmental of Lansing, Michigan can help. Understanding the problem: Vapors in the soil underneath a building rise through cracks and other openings in basements and foundations, polluting the air inside buildings and creating substantial health risks for building occupants. In some situations, such as gasoline ground contamination, vapor intrusion can cause explosions and other severe circumstances. 


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Soil cleanup procedures offer the best permanent solution for vapor intrusion, but cleanup projects take a long time. While Lansing MI property owners await cleanup, they need to install a vapor intrusion mitigation system that dispels the airborne toxins that exist inside the building, making it safe to occupy. Vapor sources found in the soil can include hazardous gases such as:

• Methane
• Benzene
• Xylene
• Trichloroethylene (TCE)
• Perchloroethylene (PCE or PERC)
• Petroleum Hydrocarbons (gasoline fuels)
• Tetrachloroethylene (dry cleaning fluid used by drycleaners)

The daily operation of Lansing MI factories, farms, and commercial enterprises often leave chemical waste in their soil such as soil gas and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).



Although occasionally the contamination occurs as a result of illegal dumping, it sometimes results from incidental or accidental causes. Regardless of the cause of the cause of the problem, vapor intrusion mitigation can help. In Lansing Michigan, vapor intrusion mitigation services provide the technology, equipment, and expertise to facilitate abatement of hazards coming from the soil. Most companies that provide vapor intrusion mitigation services also perform VOC mitigation, a process that neutralizes the effects of compounds that evaporate at low temperature.

Lansing MI companies specializing in gas and VOC remediation use industry-standard tactics such as active soil depressurization and sub slab depressurization to prevent gasses from entering into your structure. 
If you have discovered a vapor intrusion issue in your office building, factory, or home; the remediation pros at SWAT Environmental will handle the problem quickly, professionally, and affordably.  

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