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Kansas City MO Soil Gas Vapor Extraction via Sub-Slab Depressurization

The soil under Kansas City, Missouri buildings and homes may contain harmful soil gas caused by volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Soil gas comes from a variety of sources. Some soil gas is the product of contamination of the soil, through pollution or industrial accident, with volatile organic compounds (VOC) soil gases being released into the air. In Kansas City MO, some soil gas (such as radon) is naturally occurring. Because the pressure inside the home is less than the pressure under the home, extraction of vapors from the soil will occur and enter the home through any cracks in the concrete slab or sometimes through the porous concrete itself. This is known as vapor intrusion.

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Once dangerous vapors have entered and accumulated within the Kansas City MO building, they can be inhaled by the occupants and cause detrimental health effects. Combustible soil gas can build up in a home or office building and cause an explosion hazard. Vapor intrusion requires immediate remediation in order to insure the health and safety of the dwelling. Sub slab depressurization is one method of vapor intrusion abatement used for the mitigation of soil gases entering the Kansas City, Missouri structure.


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One of the most common types of remediation systems for the mitigation of vapor intrusion is sub slab depressurization. Sub slab depressurization systems work by drawing air below the slab and venting it to the outside thereby resulting in mitigation of soil gas from the house or building.

For new construction in Kansas City MO, the venting system can be installed before the slab is poured which will use a fan for extraction of soil gas from the gravel below the slab and venting it into the outside. Installing a remediation system before construction begins prevents the need for further mitigation of vapor intrusion during the life of the home.

Should vapor intrusion become a problem in an existing Kansas City MO home, a remediation system can also be installed. This is done by drilling holes in the slab and removing small portions of soil to create a soil suction pit.


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The soil gas from these soil suction pits are drawn through an extraction manifold with an exhaust fan and vented to the outside. These sub slab depressurization systems create the abatement of harmful vapor intrusion into the home. Remediation of vapor intrusion is extremely important to the health and value of your Kansas City Missouri building or house. Because radon and VOC’s are such commonly occurring problems, most homeowners will request radon and environmental testing before buying a home.

Without a proper vapor intrusion mitigation system in place, the Kansas City MO home could significantly drop in value or be impossible to sell. Vapor intrusion by radon or other volatile organic compounds (VOC) can cause the homeowners to suffer from cancer and other diseases caused by exposure to the harmful gases. Abatement of these soil gases by installing a sub slab depressurization system insures that the Kansas City, Missouri home is free of harmful vapor intrusion for years to come.

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